Euro Carnival Clubhouse Pkg II with roof canopy

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Euro Carnival Clubhouse Pkg II with roof canopy

100% Cedar - 5 years warranty on wood. Pre-packaged in boxes with a step- by-step installation manual. Available with Green colors or Wood roof. Dimensions: Length: 5.4m Width: 5m Height: 3.8m. Optional assembly to order separately.
100% Cedar wood– 5 years warranty on wood
Pre-packaged in boxes with a step-by-step installation manual.


100% Cedar wood
1,45m x 1,45m Clubhouse structure
1 Green roof canopy or wood roof
1 Rockwall
1 Wooden ladder
1 3m Rotowave slide yellow
1 3 Station swing beam
3 Sling swings
1 Picnic table
Illustrated installation manual (English)

Length: 5.4m 
Width: 5m
Height: 3.8m
Platform height: 1,5m
For safety's sake, install your play system on a resilient surface and allow a 1,8m play perimeter around the entire structure.

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