Safety Guidelines / Surfacing Solutions

In order to minimize the risk of injury in the event of a fall, Rainbow Play Systems recommends a bed of loose-fill, or bonded, material under and around your play system.  Using the EN1177 norms for public playgrounds as a guideline, the recommended depth of approved cushioning surfaces corresponding to the maximum fall height of your system is indicated in the following table:

In addition to ensuring that your play system is installed on a surface with adequate cushioning, the unit should have a minimum unobstructed safety perimeter of 1.8 meters on all sides.

In order to calculate the total surface area for which a cushioning surface is needed, multiply the width of the play area including security perimeter (X+3.6) by the depth of the play area (Y+3.6).

In terms of surfacing solutions listed above, Rainbow Play Systems recommends bonded rubber chips from CreateScape, the advantages of which inlcude:

1. A depth of 5 centimeters meets EN1177 norms for commercial applications;

2. CreateScape mulch uses recycled tires as its base ingredient, making it an enviromentally friendly choice;

3. CreateScape mulch comes in multiple colors and is aesthetically pleasing;

4. CreateScape mulch can be installed over uneven surfaces with minimal ground preparation required;

5. CreateSscape mulch can be adapted to any shape, and secondary colors can be inlaid; and

6. The total surface area can be reduced thanks to the possibility of using flexible shapes and rounded corners with CreateSscape mulch.

Pricing for installation of CreateScape in a uniform color at a depth of 4cm starts at CHF 100 / m2 HT.  Installation includes laying of a geotextile material to impede the growth of weeds and/or grass, adhension binder, mixing of the mulch and binder, laying of the mulch aver the desired area according to the client's desired shape outline.

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